Ex-CIA Officer and SHARK TANK Winner Reveals...

The Secret Techniques and Mind Control Games of A Real Life James Bond While Learning Spy Secrets That Could Save Your Life.

Las Vegas, NV

October 16 - 17

Atlanta, GA


Dallas, TX

October 30 - 31


Hear Happy Past Attendees

Dear Friend, Hi, my name is Jason Hanson. I’m a former CIA Officer and a Security Specialist.

In fact, here’s one of the awards I received while with the Agency.

awardAs you may know, I was on the hit ABC TV show SHARK TANK, where I pitched my business to the multimillionaire panel.

The Sharks asked me a ton of questions and I shared a good amount of information about my business.

But you know what?

There’s a lot of information I didn’t have time to tell the Sharks… about how to protect yourself and your family in an increasingly dangerous world.

And that’s why I put together this presentation.

Since I left the Agency, I’ve made it my life’s mission to help good, honest Americans learn critical survival tactics that can literally mean the difference between life and death for you or a member of your family.

Even if you don’t have any assets or resources that you think others might want to take from you, you can still find yourself in hundreds of situations where my proven techniques can literally save you or someone you love.

Here are Just a Few Instances…

A gentleman I’ve trained is named Gary Prince. Due to his job, Gary travels around the world 11 months a year. Gary’s an executive who minds his own business and has never gone looking for trouble. But guess what? The security measures I showed him have helped him survive two mugging attempts in China.

Amy Lancaster is a young woman who lives in Fairfax, Virginia. Like many people, Amy loves to go running on the trail near her home. One day while she was running, Amy realized a man was following her. Using a trick I showed her, Amy was able to get away from this man and even scare the heck out of him.

And, Heidi Wallace, a petite blond who lives in Sarasota, FL, was able to escape two men who tried to carjack her at a gas station thanks to the skills I taught her.

Let Me Give You a Real Life Example That Happened to Me

In short, because of my involvement with a woman, I found out the mafia was after me. They thought I was an FBI Agent who was using this woman to get to them. Obviously, I tried to get the message through that I wasn’t an FBI Agent and that as long as I didn’t know anything, all was well.

But they didn’t care.

Word got back to me that I “better be careful” and that they were trying to track down my address, cell phone number, license plate number, and any other information they could get on me. Well, as soon as I found this out I immediately implemented the security secrets I’m going to share with you.

I ran surveillance detection routes so I could quickly determine if anyone was following me… I used a series of inexpensive and simple alarms on my home that would instantly notify me if anyone were coming close to my property… I ran “misinformation” so the mafia could never figure out where I actually lived (so they ended up going to the wrong places)… and I made sure they couldn’t track my digital footprint by using the Internet anonymously.

In short, I was able to evade the mafia and stay safe using the skills and knowledge I possess.

What if you too found yourself being hunted by someone and you needed to avoid them at all costs?

Would you know how to evade them… How to use counter surveillance measures… And even the gear you should carry with you that could save your life?

You might not think it can happen to you (and hopefully it never will)… but perfectly innocent people across the country find themselves in dangerous situations every single day. For example…

A guy I used to work with ran a successful little business. But a disgruntled customer literally threatened to kill him and sent terrible letters to his office on a regular basis.

Another fellow I know, who lives in Texas, was the target of a violent home invasion. He ended up getting in a shootout with the burglar and thankfully he survived.

A woman I helped out was stalked by an ex-boyfriend for months. She was terrified to even leave her home and almost lost her job because of the guy.

My point is, it doesn’t matter who you are or where you live, there’s a chance my safety and survival training could save your life one day.

After all, are other people jealous of your success, your wife, your children, or anything else in your life?

Have you ever been in a car accident?

Have you ever had a heated argument with a co-worker?

Have you ever had to fire someone or turn someone down after a job interview?

The bottom line is…

If you’ve ever found yourself in any of these situations or happen to find yourself in them in the future, you’re in luck, because you now have the rare opportunity to learn little-known safety and survival secrets, including…

Spy Escape and Evasion

As I mentioned, Spy Escape & Evasion has been featured on ABC’s Shark Tank, as well as The NBC Today Show, Dateline, Rachael Ray and more.


The fact is, although Spy Escape & Evasion reveals safety and survival secrets 99% of Americans will never know about or have access to…

And although you’ll learn fun and exciting skills that will no doubt make you more interesting at the next party you attend…

The information I’m going to reveal is certainly not for everyone.

But let me quickly pull back the curtain on what I’m going to share with you…

How to Vanish Without a Trace

One of the skills I cover during Spy Escape & Evasion is how to disappear.

The fact is, the world is getting stranger and more unpredictable each day.

You never know when you’ll suddenly have a crazy ex-spouse you need to get away from… Or a co-worker or employee who turns into a stalker… Or maybe you just want to disappear and start a brand new life somewhere else.

Well… After this event, you’ll know…

The fact is, by the time I’m done showing you how to disappear you’ll know how to vanish from the grid so effectively that NOBODY will be able to find you.

Words cannot do justice to what you’ll feel after this event and how you’ll be drastically better prepared to survive almost any situation you encounter…

Plus, you’ll join the elite few who have this rare and specialized knowledge that you can carry with you for the rest of your life.

If you don’t believe me, just look at these experiences from past attendees...

“I can’t speak more highly of the material or the instructor. Don’t let the title of the course fool you… most of the scenarios Jason presents are directly relatable to the average person. What I learned may very well save my life one day.”

Marshall Waterbury, Front Royal, VA

“I was hoping to send you a quick note saying how much I appreciated your class last Saturday in San Diego. The information that you shared was invaluable, and the experience unforgettable.”

Tabitha Tricarico, San Diego, CA

“I learned many extremely valuable Life Skills that I have already passed on to my wife and daughter. Jason helped me to realize how many simple things you can do to protect yourself and your loved ones. I have already started recommending this course to friends at work.”

Sean Morley, Jacksonville, FL

“The information taught in this class was invaluable! I really appreciated his stories and examples of how the skills and lessons he shared could be used in everyday life. I highly recommend this class to everyone.”

Annie Boiston, Fairfax Station, VA

“This course offers information, techniques, and practices that are not widely available in either the military or law enforcement community. I strongly recommend this course for EVERYONE who travels to foreign countries whether for business or pleasure. ”

Timothy Cary, San Diego, CA

“You don’t need to be an agent to find these skills relevant to your life. You just have to be someone who is concerned with your safety and aware of your surroundings. Overall, the course was a remarkable experience, and I’m grateful for the opportunity of attending it.”

Cristina Columbi, Riverside, CA

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What should you do right now if you want to experience Spy Escape & Evasion?

Well, first, let me share with you the investment to attend.

I was told the Agency spent $75,000 on my Top Secret security clearance and another six-figures in all the training they put me through, including the weeks I spent training at Top Secret facilities.

In the past, the only way to receive this training was to be accepted as one of my private consulting clients, which consists of a year-long contract and the fees begin at tens of thousands of dollars.

I realize that may sound like a lot of money, but this type of highly specialized knowledge does not come cheap.

Clients who’ve paid me thousands of dollars for this type of information (starting at $10,000 for a single day) would tell you it’s worth every penny.

(You’d instantly recognize names, but I’m barred from sharing them because of confidentiality agreements.)

But Instead of Paying $10,000 or More…

Normally, the investment to attend this two-day Spy Escape & Evasion training is only $1,250 per day or $2,500 total. Quite frankly, for this high level of training that price is more than reasonable, to say the least.

After all, should the need ever arise for you to disappear or to escape a deadly situation, I imagine you’ll say it’s the best $2,500 you ever spent, as your life is worth far more.

And it’s not just me saying this.

Here’s what a few attendees said about their investment in this training...

“Jason packs so much into his lecture that the class paid for itself in the first 15 minutes. The subject matter was so useful and interesting, I couldn’t take notes fast enough. Great information, well delivered!”

Phil Parker, New Orleans, LA

“Jason Hanson’s two-day Spy Escape and Evasion course is as entertaining as it is practical. Well worth the investment of time and money… I might add, the most valuable lesson of the weekend is finding out how to avoid becoming a victim in the first place.”

Chip Dalson, Miami, FL

“Personally, I thought the class was terrific. I would never have learned all these ‘tricks of the trade’ without taking your course. I definitely got my money’s worth (even at 4.5 hours one-way drive-time), and would absolutely take another one of your courses.”

Scott Lantossa, Raleigh, NC

“This class was exactly what I expected, exactly what was advertised, and exactly what we wanted and needed. Truly you know Brian and I very much enjoyed the class — it was a good value for our dollar. Thank you for the experience.”

Bill Brixey, Baltimore, MD

“Jason’s Spy Escape and Evasion course was an amazing experience for me. Jason covers everything mentioned on his website along with exercises to practice what you learned. Each topic alone was worth the price of the entire class. There is no substitute for being taught by Jason.”

Kevin Journell, San Antonio, TX

“The things I learned in your course are invaluable to the everyday person with everything going on in society today, this course is something that everyone should take. I have already shown my wife the things I learned and feel she needs to know.”

Robbie Gustault, Alameda, CA

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Normally $2,500  Today Only $997

That's a savings of over 60%, don't miss out on this great deal.

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The good news is, because I appeared on the ABC TV show Shark Tank, I’ve put together a unique Shark Tank Special to make this training affordable for every American who values their safety and survival.

Keep in mind, this is a limited time offer. In short, I’ve put together the Shark Tank Spy Tour where I’m visiting a few select cities around the country.

And although over 8 million people watch Shark Tank, only a tiny fraction will be able to attend this training.

You see, when I first talked to the Sharks they told me to pack hundreds of people in a room, but instead, I’ve decided to limit the seating.

This allows me to keep it more intimate and to be able to interact with all attendees.

And as I just mentioned, I’ve charged $2,500 in the past for this training and have trained CEOs, CFOs, and celebrities.

But here’s the thing…

Right before I went on Shark Tank I knew I wanted to make this training affordable to as many Americans as possible. I also knew the regular price of $2,500 wouldn’t be possible for many people.

That’s why you can get this training for over 60% OFF what I normally charge.

In other words, instead of paying $2,500 you can attend my Spy Escape & Evasion training for only $997.

Just remember, seating is limited and once it’s full this price is gone.

Also, because of my speaking schedule and the private courses I do, I only have two open events to the public in 2015.

To register today click the button below to secure your spot.

Register for The Spy Course Today

Normally $2,500  Today Only $997

That's a savings of over 60%, don't miss out on this great deal.

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What it all boils down to is this:

You can either miss out on these secrets that could save your life one day…

Or… You can take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity and get this life-altering Spy Escape & Evasion training.

Just remember, this is a limited time offer.

Click here to register for the live training.

Stay safe,


P.S. Here’s what a few others have said about their Spy Escape & Evasion experience…

“There is no doubt this class will open your eyes and make you feel more confident than you are right now! I highly recommend this class to anybody who wants to know how he can protect himself and his family in this unpredictable world!”

Kelly Katner, Radford, VA

“I wanted to tell you that I had an amazing time in the course, and while I’m sure you’ve heard this before, you are a fantastic teacher. Thank you for all the time and effort you have clearly put in to making this course a truly amazing experience.”

Josh Franklin, Flagstaff, AZ

“Taking the Spy Escape & Evasion course was one of the best decisions I’ve made. As a college student… I highly recommend taking this for your own safety, and the safety of your loved ones.”

Amy Nelson, Columbus, OH